This is my first blog post.  I'm so excited!  This will usually be a space where I talk about different topics that will hopefully inspire, educate and interest you - so tell me, what would you like to hear about?  I don't pretend to know all that you might want to hear about concerning relationships, dating, love, attraction - ETC, so let me know below in the comments section.  

     May I take a second to get personal?  I'd like to share a little of my story because it might help to hear my experience with dating and relationship trauma - yes TRAUMA!  It's really tough out there trying to love and be loved.  

     Back in 2000, I ended a two year relationship and was single for 6 years.  I was really shy when it came to dating and even though I was hit on and picked up a few times, I really struggled to find someone I could fall in love with.  I never seemed to find guys that I felt connected to - that I was inspired by and I felt comfortable with.  It was soooo lonely at times.  

      I was always searching for the "love of my life" and tried many different online sites, a matchmaking service, speed dating, singles events - I tried to have a positive attitude but it just sucked!  My sister met her fiancé on Match.com, so it's not like these services don't work - I just came to learn that  had to be in the right space to manifest quality guys and the right time.  

      In the end, therapy was the game changer.  When crying one day in session after another love affair ended (with a partnered guy living in L.A.), my therapist stated, "You seem to keep a pattern of dating unavailable guys and disregarding really important information about them."  Shit - Busted.  That was a turning point for me.  I'm hoping you get a couple of those too.  Cause YOU ARE AMAZING.  And it just takes a little self discovery to shift your world. 

Much love,