Get Off Your Phone and Get Into a Relationship

Are you able to meet up and get the relationship you want from your apps? 

Are you able to meet up and get the relationship you want from your apps? 

In the era of Tinder, OkCupid and Grindr, dating sites and apps have become more popular than ever as a way of meeting individuals for dates, adventures and sex.  It's great to have more ways to meet others you have a lot in common with...

But have you had this experience?  You write someone you think is cute on the site and begin to chat.  Back and forth, maybe you even move to text, but for some reason or another - a date never materializes.  

If you're looking to chat, have casual encounters - that's absolutely okay - but many people are looking for a relationship and this is an IRRITATING and common scenario.  

What's happening?

- This person is too busy to date

- This person is not interested in meeting up

- This person prefers the exciting initial stages of interacting vs. experience a range of emotions that happen face to face. 

And this type of interaction on these types of sites don't lead to that guy or girl of your dreams. If you keep chatting, you might begin building up this person (in your mind) to be a fantastic catch (and then never meet them).  You might waste a lot of time and energy and heart into someone that's not going to be a fit for you.  So... 

Get off the phone and into a relationship! How?  When you see someone you like online, write them, let them know you'd love to meet and propose a date (preferable coffee or tea, where you can exit quick if you need to - or go for a meal if it's awesome).  If that person wants to chat, you can let them know you prefer to connect face to face.  Focus on getting the meetup to happen, and if you get one obstacle after another, you have great information about how a relationship will be with this person.