Your Love Purpose

What are your intentions when it comes to love?

How do you want to love others today?

How do you want to love others today?

Does this feel like a strange question?  Often, we are so intentional and strategic when it comes to work – but what about love?   Are you clear about what you want and how you want to love others?

Without clarity and focus, we leave ourselves open to whatever.  What types of people are being attracted to you?  What are some of their characteristics? 

Let me tell you a story.  From 16-26, I drew in wounded souls that needed support.  One of the main purposes of my life, I had decided, was to help people.  But over and over again I began to attracted and manifest toured artists, the emotionally disfuntional and drug abusing men.  I would listen to them, take care of them and often be frustrated that I kept drawing in and falling for unhealthy guys. 

Do you think I was clear about what I wanted and how I wanted to love others?  No way!  I was seeing a lot of what I didn’t want and had never thought about being purposeful – which might be indicative of goals too. 

So here’s what I want you to do.  Go get some paper or your iphone and start taking some notes on what you want in a partner.  But instead of listing qualities (i.e. Tall, dark and handsome), write down what you’d like to share together (i.e. Trust, direct communication,  sense of humor)

Part II, what do you want to do with your love?  Imagine that you generate a wonderful relationship… how could it positively impact others? For example, would you be modeling a loving connection, support other couples, or throw fun parties together?  Would you want to work through past baggage with someone safe, develop spiritual rituals or learn to dance salsa?

With this new love purpose, you will feel more directed and be laser focused when on dates on if you and this person are sharing qualities and values that fit with your vision.  Trust your intuition, but stay intentional.  This will undoubtedly attract the right one right to you.